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api init

Integrates Optic with your API. API init guides you through setup so that you can get running as quickly as possible. There are no required parameters, and the CLI will take you directly to the Optic dashboard to complete and test the integration.

Flags & Options#

The following optional parameters may be included to pre-populate configuration parameters:

  • inboundUrl
  • targetUrl
  • command


Initialize a project#

To initialize Optic with your project use:

api init
<your present working directory>Is this your API's root directory? (yes/no): yesWhat is this API named?: <api name>[optic] Added Optic configuration to <your present working directory>/optic.yml

Initialize a project with task parameters#

To initialize Optic with your project, passing a start command for your API project and setting the port on which Optic will listen for traffic to 4000 use:

api init --command "./run" --inboundUrl https://localhost:4000 

which results in the same output as above, with the start taks in your optic.yml file pre-populated with the passed values.


When running api init against a project that has already been initialized, you'll see an error message:

This directory already has an optic.yml file. You can see the current documentation for this project with api spec.

Issues & Contributing#

Having trouble? Open an issue on GitHub

Have an idea for changing this command? Here's where it lives in the repo. PRs welcome!

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