API Changelogs in Pull Requests

Optic makes API Changes a first-class concern during code review. Every time a Pull Request is opened, Optic comments on the PR with a detailed API Changelog:


How it Works#

When a pull request is opened, the Optic GitBot compares the current specification to the specification in the base branch. The differences are summarized and posted in a comment. It's amazing how many second and third order benefits teams report just from having observability into how their APIs work, and having "API Changes" as an explicit, first-class concern in every Pull Request. Just shining a light on API changes during code review has a strong influence on how teams think about the work they’re doing.

Install the Bot#

The Optic GitBot is featured on the GitHub Marketplace. You'll need admin privileges to install it:

GitBot Install Link

Need help? Want a demo with the Optic Maintainers before installing the bot? Pick some time on our calendar

GitBot on Other Platforms#

Right now, the bot only supports GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. We have a bounty out to develop the BitBucket and GitLab versions. If you are interested in contributing reach out to aidan@useoptic.com