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What it's like to intern at Optic

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This past summer, I worked with the Optic team as a software engineering intern. While it's the first time I've worked in an all-remote environment, I had an amazing experience and learned a lot from everyone here.

I've gotten to poke around the entire codebase, talk to all the amazing team members here, and work on everything from marketing to devops to even working on new products.

Optic is a Git-like version control system for API contracts. With Optic, maintaining an accurate API contract is as easy as reviewing diffs and approving suggested changes. This proves itself to be an incredibly valuable tool, and I spent a lot of this summer using Optic hands on.

At Optic, I got to work on a wide variety of features and improvements. The first product I worked on at Optic was the Optic Demo. Optic needed an interactive demo on their main site to allow potential users and customers to quickly and easily understand the value proposition that Optic would give you. I built an interactive demo, based upon the core Optic UI, allowing users to use the actual Optic product on an example API. This demo is currently embedded on the main website and you can try it out here.

The Optic Demo

The other project I worked on was the Optic GitBot. In the early days of Optic I found it a little cumbersome to see the insights that Optic was giving me. One of the greatest things about Optic is it lets me see differences in API Behavior allowing me to quickly detect important changes between each PR. However, this required the user to run Optic themselves to get these insights. Seeing an opportunity to surface these insights, I tied together core Optic with ProBot to build a GitHub App that automatically comments differences in API behavior in every PR. You can add GitBot to your Optic project here!

Optic GitBot

The GitBot was probably the coolest thing I've worked on primarily because I was able to pitch, iterate, and implement this by myself. At Optic, we work in cycles, starting each one with a series of pitches, where every team member pictures a feature or improvement that they think should be worked on. For my pitch, I put forth the idea of a GitBot, as well as a new account creation flow. It was really cool to see everyones ideas, especially since a lot of us had similar ideas. The Account Creation flow, for example, had also been pitched (in more detail) by other team members. I was able to contribute and give feedback to the flow as it was worked on, and you can see the end result of that pitch as well!

I also spent some of my time working on the marketing site. I worked with Lou, the head of customer success, to build a new documentation site for Optic. Talking to Lou, I was able to build a custom documentation site, with support for custom components, freeing us from the limitations of other documentation platforms.

The Docs Site

The past ten weeks seem to have flown by, but I will always treasure my time here as I was able to be a fully integrated team member and got to be a part of the Optic team. If you haven't already, you should definitely try using Optic for your own personal project by installing it here, and you should also add the Optic GitBot to your project to maximize the value.

Need convincing? Check out that demo ๐Ÿ˜‰

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