Move Faster or Ship Better Code?

Choose Both

Share Conventions & Knowledge

Optic can be trained on your team’s best practices, conventions and knowledge it gathers about all your projects. Provide your team with a programming assistant that helps them write the right code every time with ease.

  • Speed up development
  • Make code conformity the default
  • Share your architecture decisions with team
  • Help maintain complex codebases
  • Generate tests
  • Make on-boarding team members easier


Enforce Standards

Since Optic understands your codebase and your team conventions more deeply than any one human could, it will instantly guide you when it finds something that isn’t aligned with the team, simplifying code reviews and improving code health. In depth reports about code quality will help you find hot-spots ripe for refactoring.

Discover The Right Standards for Your Team

Looking to use a new technology? Don’t reinvent the wheel. Choose from a list of battle tested conventions from our knowledge base to use for your team. If we don’t have something on hand we can work with your vendors to put their best practices into Optic documentation.


Optic + Your Team

Optic is a young company and our primary focus is helping teams improve themselves with automation. To make sure we deliver on this we are limiting the number of teams we work with for the next several months so we can give each early partner our full attention. We hope you'll consider getting in early and helping us shape the future of programming.

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