Optic [Beta Release 6]

Published: April 10nd, 2018

Supports macOS >= 10.10 (Yosemite)


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Curious about how Optic works? Want to teach it something new? Check out our docs here

Development Status

The core engine is stable and open sourced. There are a few key features still under development before 1.0 will be released:

  • OPM (Optic Package Manager) registry will go live.
  • Support for More Powerful Transformations
  • Ability to Generate Directory Structures
  • Capability for Optic to Manage Project Dependencies
  • Enhanced tooling to support Optic Markdown Development
  • Support for Additional IDEs

The major limitation most users will run into when trying out Optic during the Beta is a lack of useful content within the system. We're working hard to bootstrap Optic knowledge for the most popular libraries in the Node.js ecosystem but it is going to be a few weeks before this task is finished. If you're interested in teaching Optic to do some interesting things, check out our docs.

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